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Why Does My Dog Bark

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Barking 101

Our dogs bark as a natural part of their communication system.  It’s appropriate for them to alert us when strangers approach our homes or when they hear an odd noise.  But dogs can also bark inappropriately and excessive barking can be disruptive to your household or neighbors.

If we want to control barking, we need to understand out dogs a bit.

 1.        Our dogs bark for reason.  It could be a reasonable one that should be responded to such as hunger or thirst.  It’s important to look at the reasons your pet may be barking and work on responding effectively to these reasons.  For example, if your pet is barking out of boredom, you need to make more toys or exercise available to your pet, while letting your pet know that barking for boredom is not acceptable.

2.       Saying “no” to a barking dog doesn’t stop barking—your dog may see this as your barking too, and this is not an incentive for them to stop.

3.       You want to communicate with your dog, letting them know your expectations.   This includes letting them know when barking is appropriate.  You can use a command such as “silent”, when your dog barks and follow with praise when your dog ceases barking.  Use Gentle tones.

4.       Consider a Harmless Anti-bark Spray control collar.  A Harmless Anit-Bark Spray Collar stops dogs at the very moment they start barking.  Its comforting effect allow dogs to adapt easily and quietly to their environment while providing peace of mind for their owners.  The gentle spray helps to get the dogs attention and control barking.  The collar requires no human intervention; it will work even if you are not there. No more trouble with the neighbors!  The Anti-bark spray collar is truly innovative, completely harmless and has no secondary effects (fear, burns, pain).  Every time your dog barks, the electronic bark-sensing unit releases a painless spray of citronella in front of the dog's snout.  Your dog hears it, sees its, feels it, and smells it.  HOW IT WORKS: Each time your dog barks, the collar releases a harmless spray that conditions your dog to stop barking.

The most important part of controlling barking is to be aware of your pets needs and be consistent in your method of reducing and controlling barking.

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