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Power Paws Uses and Applications

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For Traction:  Dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis need traction.  Power Paws give dogs the power to stand, the power to move, and the power to stop!!  This translates to quality of life!  Suggested use is on the back feet only or on all four feet as needed.

For Mobility:  Senior dogs often lose confidence and the ability to get around on hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors.  Power Paws make movement easier for dogs of all sizes and breeds – increasing quality of life for your pet!  Suggested use is socks on all four feet.

For Medical Needs:  To protect an injured foot, vets often use an E-collar.  Power Paws are comfortable, and while wearing Power Paws, most dogs leave their paws alone.  As a result, Power Paws give vets a safer, simpler treatment option.  Suggested use on all four feet.

For Protecting Hardwood Floor:  Dog’s nail scratch hardwood floors, and refinishing is expensive and inconvenient!  Power Paws provide a layer of protection between the dog’s nails and the floor – eliminating (additional) scratches.  Suggested use is socks on all four feet.

For Outdoor Use:  Power Paws are quite useful outdoors too!  For snow use, spray a few coats of waterproof spray on the socks, let dry and enjoy!  For extreme heat applications such as desert pavement and sand, a waterproof spray may provide some additional protection against wear.  Suggested use is on all four feet.

For Fashion:  All dogs enjoy looking good on occasion and some dogs dress up daily!  Power Paws come in colors and designs that compliment every dog’s style and personality.  Suggested use is socks on all four feet.

For Protecting Cabinets and your Dog:  In commercials, we’ve seen dogs run through the house, slide around corners and slam into cupboards in a race to their destination.  This isn’t good for your dog or your cabinets.  Power Paws grip, giving traction and control.  Suggested use is socks on all four feet.

For Cleanliness:  Clean dogs always find a way to get their feet dirty soon after grooming.  Power Paws keeps feet clean and warm.  Suggested use is socks on all four feet.

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